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Cat. No. Product Product Description Size
DOA-200 AccuSign® COC One-Step   Cocaine Test 35 Tests
DOA-201 AccuSign®   THC One-Step   THC (Cannabis/Marijuana) Test 35   Tests
DOA-202 AccuSign®   MET One-Step   Methamphetamine Test 35   Tests
DOA-203 AccuSign®   OPI One-Step   Opiate Test 35   Tests
DOA-204 AccuSign®   AMP One-Step   Amphetamine Test 35   Tests
DOA-205 AccuSign®   PCP One-Step   Phencyclidine Test 35   Tests
DOA-206 AccuSign®   BAR One-Step   Barbiturate Test 35   Tests
DOA-207 AccuSign®   BZO One-Step   Benzodiazepine Test 35   Tests
DOA-208 AccuSign®   MTD One-Step   Methadone Test 35   Tests
DOA-209 AccuSign®   TCA One-Step   Tricyclic Antidepressant Test 35   Tests
DOA-211 AccuSign®   MDMA One-Step   MDMA Test 35   Tests
DOA-212 AccuSign®   BUP One-Step   Buprenorphine Test 35   Tests
DOA-213 AccuSign®   EDDP One-Step   Methadone metabolite Test 35   Tests
DOA-214 AccuSign®   6-AM One-Step   Morphine metabolite Test 35   Tests
DOA-216 AccuSign®   Alcohol One-Step   Saliva Test for Alcohol 25   or 50 Tests
DOA-217 AccuSign®   Nicotine Rapid   Test for Cotinine in Urine 35   Tests
DOA-240 AccuSign® DOA 4 One-Step   4-Drug Panel Test: COC/THC/OPI/AMP 35   Tests


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