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Serum Indices Quality Controls

A WORLD FIRST product with tailored kits for Abbott, Beckman and Roche Platforms.

Ensure accurate monitoring of patient samples for Serum Indices by running this QC daily. Haemolysis, Icterus and Lipaemia affect clinical chemistry analytes to a greater or lesser degree depending on levels present in the patient sample.  Our combined 3 Level Serum Indices Controls provide confidence in your analysers' results.


  • Tri-Level, 4 X 3 X 5ml, Multi Parameter
  • Liquid Frozen
  • 12 Months Expiry from manufacture



A Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) QC, for the quality control monitoring of Subarachnoid-haemorrhage testing. 


Available in 2 levels ( Low level and an Elevated level)

1ml vials  and now stable for 30 Days at -20 degrees

Typical values Level 1, NOA 0.100 ......NBA 0.008,   Level 2 NOA 0.160.......NBA 0.045


Xantochromia in the Cerebrospinal Fluid


Anti Mullerian Hormone

A new QC to provide a 3rd party QC for your laboratory. 

An important indictor of ovarian reserve is a blood test called Anti Mullerian Hormone which is a very sensitive marker of ovarian reserve.  Used by fertility clinics with the analysis performed in the Clinical Laboratory.

 ADP Diagnostics Speciality Control (1)

ADP Diagnostics Speciality Control (2)




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